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Anything Else

This is the "final category" for anything that didn't quite fit into some other category, or that fit into too many categories (so I didn't know where to put it). You will notice that being in the "anything else" category doesn't mean it is of less value than something that successfully found its "home" elsewhere!

[Note: If I get a few more pictures, I will make a separate page for them.]

Pictures (with text on them)

These are available only in PDF format. Being pictuers, they will be larger in file size than most articles on this website.

The "ROMANS 8:28" Picture

This is a reminder of God's promise to us, that he will use all that occurs in our lives, to accomplish good for us. We won't necessarily see all the good immediately, but what he has promised will happen.

The "Don't Wait to Become a Disciple" Picture

Following Jesus is a serious command that Jesus himself gives us. It's not an option but a requirement! This picture reminds us that we cannot get away with saying "no" forever. [By the way... When you ignore Jesus' commands, you might as well be spitting on him, the way those who crucified him did.]

Text (NON-Pictures)

The Victory of Darkness over Light

Some comments (just a few sentences) about "light" and "darkness." understood symbolically, these concepts can represent good and evil, knowledge and ignorance, life and death, etc.

The "Fad-Lover's" Diet

Primarily humorous, with no "deep theological insights." But if you want a "lesson" from it, consider this: Some people treat gaining spiritual maturity the same way they treat losing weight. They aren't willing to put the effort into doing what they know will result in maturity... but would rather chase after any "get spiritual quick" fad that comes their way.

The Positive and Negative Benefits of Slavery (Romans 6:15-23)

I had no idea where to place this article, so I put it here in the "anything else" category. The title is meant to get one's attention - but the focus here is not on physical slavery, but on spiritual slavery. As the Scriptures describe it, everyone is a slave to someone or something. The only question is who your master is - and that determines whether the slavery is good or bad.

Some Additional Comments about John Wyclif's Guidelines for Understanding Scripture

His guidelines are quoted in a couple other articles on this website. But since he wrote them over 600 years ago, I had to "translate" them into modern English. This article shows the way it was originally written - at least according to my source. If you don't care what the original looked like, there won't be much reason for you to look at this article!

"The Oil Change"

This is a "parable about life." I'll leave you to guess whether or not there is a real person named "Linda" and whether or not the event actually happened. But I will admit that the "voting" page is not for real. [The html link will take you to a sequence of six short pages. The PDF version has all 6 pages combined into one document.]

A Question about Cremation

Every now and then, someone sends me an e-mail, asking me whether or not cremation is "against the Bible." Here is my response to that question.

WARNING! "Christianity" Can Send You to Hell...

How can I convince people it's a serious matter??? If your "Christianity" is a religion, the lake of fire is all you have to look forward to. It's only when you abandon the counterfeit (called "religion") and pursue the genuine (called a "friendship relationship" - John 15:13-15), that you can be saved. Otherwise, you're no better off than the religious leaders of Jesus' day - Matthew 23. [This article is like a "warning sign." It is only a few sentences long.]

He Who Dies...

Just the statement (in large print): "He who dies with the most toys... DIES. He who dies with Christ... LIVES!" - in PDF format. It's a good reminder of what our priorities should be!

This is the last section on this website. Perhaps it is fitting that we close with the following Scripture passage...

Of making many books there is no end, and much study wearies the body.
Now all has been heard;
here is the conclusion of the matter:
Fear God and keep his commandments,
for this is the whole duty of man.
For God will bring every deed into judgment,
including every hidden thing,
whether it is good or evil. (Ecclesiastes 12:12b-14)