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Studies in Revelation 1 - 3


The book of Revelation is for us. Though it speaks of events that may yet be future, the principles it teaches are applicable in every age. If the faithful followers of Jesus, who are described in the book of Revelation, can make it to the end, so can we!

Below are some in-depth studies of the first 3 chapters of the book of Revelation. You may wonder why I stopped after chapter 3. There are two reasons: The first reason is simply the lack of time to continue in the book. The second, more important reason, is the fact that, if we are willing to heed all Jesus' commands in these first three chapters, we will be ready for anything we may face in the future - regardless of our interpretation and views of "end time" events, and regardless of when the "end" actually comes.

For each section, there is a basic outline of the passage, as well as a more in-depth supplement (for those who are interested in further study). Occasionally, there are some extra articles that focus on specific issues.

The PDF versions can be obtained for individual articles (on the pages themselves) OR as one large file (here): PDF OF THE ENTIRE SERIES (one large file, NOT the Extra Articles)



Book of Revelation: Preliminary Considerations

Rev. 1:1-3 John Introduces the Book
Rev. 1:4-8 Prepare to Meet Your God and King!
Rev. 1:9-17a John Meets Jesus
Rev. 1:17-20
(& 2:1a)
Jesus Speaks to John
Rev. 2:1-7 To the Church at Ephesus
Rev. 2:8-11 To the Church at Smyrna
Rev. 2:12-17 To the Church at Pergamum
Rev. 2:18-29 To the Church at Thyatira
Rev. 3:1-6 To the Church at Sardis
Rev. 3:7-13 To the Church at Philadelphia
Rev. 3:14-22 To the Church at Laodicea

Dennis Hinks 2006