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Don't you realize?

- An appeal for the "Lukewarm" to change their ways -

The world offers you a lot.


Don't you realize that you are going to lose it all?


Don't you realize that, even while you have it, it does not satisfy the most basic of human needs?

Jesus offers you a lot more.


Don't you realize that his offer is genuine, and that it is not merely some type of ambiguous "religious language," designed to give comfort to people who haven't been able to attain all the world's pleasures?


Don't you realize that Christ's riches will last forever, but the world's riches will last only a few moments?


Don't you realize that, in the future, you will have genuine authority over vast realms of creation (v. 21) - not just over the few "toys" (and their false sense of security) that the world has to offer?


Don't you realize that eternal riches will never be attained by those who covet riches, but only by those who covet a friendship relationship with the one who is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords?

Dennis Hinks © 2002