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Partial Account FROM Jew & God-fearing Gentile Gentile (pagan) Quote / reference O.T. General about the MESSAGE FOUNDATIONAL - God / people Jesus FULF PROPHECY RESURRECTION (of JC) Lord Christ Son… OTHER titles remidner of sin Forgiveness / Sins removed Kingdom of God / with God / one of the saved Resurrection  (of people) / Judgment Other Repent & Turn Baptism Related to other Deeds & Axns. Other Speaker Hearer God - Misc. God - Sovereignty emphasized Misc.
Acts 8:4-25 D Overview of event Philip; Simon Peter (later) People of Samaria (many = "half Jews") ? x x x x x Lord Christ x x About the word (message) of the Lord B - They believed the good news Acts 8:4-25 [Simon magician warned about his sins; heart not right before God] [To Simon magician: repent for forgiveness] Good news of the K of G [Warning: Simon magician in danger of perishing] x [Simon magician didn't repent; told he must do so] They were baptized x x Also performed miracles (which impressed Simon magician) [Simon asked Peter to pray that his warning wouldn't come to pass.] They received the H.S. [Compare: Acts 15:8 God gives HS to those he accepts.] No record of Simon repenting
Acts 13:13-49 Q x Paul J G - at synagogue x Psalm 2:7; Isaiah 55:3; Psalm 16:10 and more The message of salvation x Y D B R, no decay x x Son Savior; Holy One (Apostles & others) About JC's physical resurrection. B - Those who believe (these things) = justified… Acts 13:13-49 x Forgiveness of sins through Jesus x x Justified of things that are impossible under the  O.T. Law x x x x [When rejected: We'll go to the Gentiles] Warned about unbelief (and thus fulfillment of prophecy!); many oppose Paul x All who were appointed to eternal life believed x
Acts 3:11-4:4 Q D "While they were speaking" the leaders took/jailed them Peter (& John) J x General reference; ref. to salvation of Gentiles x x Y D R - you killed him; God raised him to life x Christ x Holy / righteous / Author of life / Prophet like Moses Of the resurr. B - Many who heard believed Acts 3:11-4:4 "Your wicked ways" (Rep & turn) So sins wiped out (Rep & turn) so times of refreshing may come & Jesus may return Proclaiming the resurr. from the dead (4:2) Blessed by God Repent & turn to God x x x Jesus used them to do a miracle x x God (thru JC) turning you from your wicked ways [The man = healed by faith in Jesus' name]
Acts 10:1-11:18 (esp. 10:34-43; 11:15-18) Q D Still speaking when the H.S. came Peter G - Cornelius + relatives / friends ? The prophets testify about him (abt. blvg. & forgiveness) x x x D R Lord - over all Christ; anointed by God (related to concept of Christ) x x Of what Jesus did, his resurrection, he is the judge B - Those who believe in him receive forgiveness Acts 10:1-11:18 (esp. 10:34-43; 11:15-18) x Peace [with God] & forgiveness of sins (both thru JC) x The living & dead to be judged God accepts all who fear him and do what is right Repentance unto life - granted by God [After H.S. came] P ordered that they be baptized x x Told by God to go & speak God told him to call Peter (to hear the msg. of salv. - 11:14) x God gave them the HS No religious rituals necessary for the HS!
Acts 20:20-31 Q Paul's summary of his message Paul J G P x He proclaimed the whole will of God; anything helpful. x x x Lord x x x About the good news of God's grace F - Must have faith in our Lord Jesus Acts 20:20-31 x x x x x Must turn to God in repentance x x x Results – he was innocent of anyone's blood.  x x God purchased the church with his own blood A warning about false teachers who would come
Acts 2:14-47 Q D Also "many other words" Peter J G x Joel 2:28-32; Psalm 16:8-11; Psalm 110:1 x x Y D R - You killed him / God raised him Lord Christ x x Of the resurr. x Acts 2:14-47 You put Jesus to death… (Rep & bapt) For the forgiveness of sins x x (Rep & bapt) & Receive HS repent Be baptized v. 42-47 (list) x Pentecost - anointing of apostles by HS Save yourselves from this corrupt generation x The promise = for all whom God will call / God added to their number (also in 5:14) x
Acts 22:6-21 Q D Summary of Paul's conversion Ananias J - Paul (Saul) x x ["This way" - v. 4] x x x Lord x x The righteous one A witness of what you have seen / heard x Acts 22:6-21 x [Sins need washed away] x x x x Be baptized x Wash your sins away, calling on his name x The Jews wouldn't accept his witness Called him on road to Damascas x Then send to Gentiles
Acts 14:15-17 Q x Barnabas and Paul x P - Idolators x x Who God is x x x x x x x x Acts 14:15-17 x x x x God's goodness Turn from worthless things to the God who created everything x x x Goal: try to keep the people from making sacrifices to them Later they tried to kill P & B! This God has left a witness to himself, by giving you blessings and joy x x
Acts 7 (esp. v. 37, 52-53, 59-60) Q Killed before he could finish! Stephen J - Jewish leaders x Many references about Israel's history; Deut. 18:15 (prophet) x x Y (implied) D R (implied when he said he saw Jesus) Lord x Son of Man A prophet like Moses / The righteous one x x Acts 7 (esp. v. 37, 52-53, 59-60) Israel's sins recounted / you murdered JC & broke God's Law He prayed for their forgiveness for killing him (v. 60) x x x x x x x Recounted Israel's godless history [They killed him before he was done talking!] x x x
Acts 8:26-40 Q "He told him the good news" Philip G - an official who was reading the Bible! x Isaiah 53:7-8 explained x x Y x x x Son of God [late MSS] x x B - "If you believe…" "I believe that J = S of G" [late mss] Acts 8:26-40 x x x x x x Officer asked to be baptized x x Content of his preaching not given; sent by God x x x x
Acts 9:20-22 D General statement Paul J G? - those in Synagogue x Implied use - he "proved" that J = C x x x x x Christ Son of God x x x Acts 9:20-22 x x x x x x x x x x Their response - want to kill him x x x
Acts 13:6-12 D Doesn't say what was taught (v. 12) Paul x P? - Proconsul at Paphos x "The word of God" / "The teaching of the Lord" x x x Lord (implied) x x x x B - He saw what happened / believed because of the teaching Acts 13:6-12 x x x x x x x x x x He asked to hear the word of God x x Sorcerer made temporarily blind
Acts 16:22-34 Q D Not told what he may have heard in the songs (v. 25), or what else he was taught (v. 32) Paul and Silas ? ? (Philippian jailor) x They spoke the Word of the Lord… x x x Lord x x ("believing in LJ" parallels "believing in God") x B - (To be saved) Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ Acts 16:22-34 x x x x He knew he needed saved prior to direct talking w/ P & S x He & family were baptized x x Paul & Silas in prison / earthquake The jailor had first asked them about salvation. x x x
Acts 17:1-4 D General statement Paul J G? - those in synagogue x He reasoned from the Scriptures / explain & prove x x x D R + he had to suffer x Christ x x x P - They were "persuaded" Acts 17:1-4 x x x x x x x x x x V. 5+ = About those who oposed the truth x x v. 11- Compare w/ others who examined the Scriptures & believed them
Acts 17:16-34 Q D x Paul J G - prior to the "sermon" P - Pagan philosophers, etc. x x Who God is and his relationship to people x D R - Jesus and the resurrection /  raised from the dead x the man God has appointed [= meaning of "Christ"] x x x B - A few believed Acts 17:16-34 x x x The resurrection; day of judgment We are God's "offspring"; don't compare God to a man-made image! God commands all people everywhere to repent x [Implied - Seek & reach out for God] x I am proclaiming to you the God you call "Unknown" Most mocked or said they'd listen "later" (prob. means "never") x x x
Acts 18:28 D General statement Apollos J - in public debate x Proving from Scriptures... x x x x x Christ x x x x Acts 18:28 x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
Acts 18:4-8 D General statement Paul J G - in synagogue P - After leaving the synagogue x x x x x x Christ x x That Jesus is the Christ B - Many believed Acts 18:4-8 x x x x x x Many were baptized x x When rejected by most: We'll go to the Gentiles. The others opposed him x x He "reasoned" with those in the synagogue
Acts 19:8 D General statement Paul J G? - in synagogue x x x x x x x x x x x x Acts 19:8 x x Arguing persuasively about the kingdom of God x x x x x x x x x x x
Acts 19:9-20 D Summary Paul J G? P x x x x x Lord x x x x B - Those who believed… Acts 19:9-20 x x x x x x x Confessed their sins; destroyed their occult writings Held Jesus' name in high honor No detail about what Paul said (v.9) Response to events that happened (v. 13-16) x x Contrast between Paul's miracles & fake "miracle workers"
Acts 24:24-25 D General statement Paul J - Governor Felix's wife P - Governor Felix x x x x x x Christ x x x F - Faith in Christ Jesus Acts 24:24-25 x x x The judgment to come x x x Righteousness and self-control x x x x x x
Acts 26:14-29 (esp. v. 19-23) Q x Paul J G P Proclaim only what the law and prophets said about the Christ x x x D R - suffer / rise from the dead x Christ x x A witness of what he had seen of Jesus and would be shown F - (Must turn so…) Made holy by faith in Jesus Acts 26:14-29 (esp. v. 19-23) x (Turn…) So they may receive forgiveness of sins (Turn…) So they may receive a place among those made holy x Christ would proclaim light to Jews/Gentiles Turn from darkness to light & from power of Satan to God / repent x Prove their repentance by their deeds (Paul sent) to open their eyes To speak otherwise would have been an act of disobedience by Paul! The king is aware of these events [in Jesus' life] but didn't want to believe the prophets. x x "These things are true and reasonable"
Acts 28:17-31 Q D Overview Paul J G(later) P - Later (would talk to anyone who would hear) Law & Prophets Described as] "God's salvation" x Y (implied) x Lord - v. 31 Christ - v. 31 x x x B & C - Some convinced; others refused to believe / the Gentiles will listen Acts 28:17-31 x x Declared the K of G x x Repentance needed (implied in prophecy about unbelief) x x x x Some called the way a "sect / Warning: prophecy about unbelief x x Salv. sent to Gentiles; see/hear/understand assoc. w/ salvation
Various D Short summary Various Various Various x x x x x x x x x x B - "Believing" the Bible, etc. Various x x x x x x x x x x x x x General statement; no details