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"Temperature Words" in the New Testament


Also: Warm and Lukewarm

NOTE: The "temperature" words used in these verses are also found in some other passages. But there probably isn't much "spiritual impact" in meditating on the fact that "it was cold outside," or other such statements!

At the end of each section will be the New Testament Greek words that are focused on in that section. Feel free to IGNORE them, if you prefer the English language!

  1. Living for God; Living a Life of Love  
  2. A Life Filled with Love... or Filled with the World
  3. Encouraging Others (Especially Leaders)
  4. Enduring Hardship; Helping Others 

Jealousy / Zeal and "Temperature Words"

The two words translated as "hot" (in the first two articles, above) are related to the words translated as "JEALOUSY" and "ZEAL." The following link takes you to those words, their definitions, and a related word ("envy"):

Dennis Hinks 2002