The "World"

In most (not all) instances, the concept of "world" refers to something that is evil, and hostile to following Jesus. These presentations look at the various ways the Bible refers to the world (both good and evil aspects of it), as well as the incompatibility of trying to follow both "the world" and Jesus. (If you are trying to do both, you will be the loser.)

Background information: Prior to this study, we had been looking at what I call "killer sins" - those "little" sins that don't seem that bad, but are enough to earn us the wrath of God. These can be quite deadly, because even "good" things can fall into this category, if done the wrong way (such as with wrong motives). Three of these "killer sins" that are mentioned the following presentations are: (1) "I crave/desire" something; and if I get it, either (2) "I consume/devour" it or (3) "I cling to" it. There are good things that we should desire, consume and cling to; but each can also be an expression of sin. (We sometimes use words like (1) lust, (2) gluttony, and (3) greed to describe the sinful aspects of these characteristics.)

1. The "World" - Definitions - PDF / JPEG

Different ways that the Bible uses this concept in the New Testament. This is seen in the various words the Bible uses when referring to it.

2. When the "World" ("kosmos") is Good - PDF / JPEG

The word most commonly used to describe the sinful world is "kosmos" (the Greek word, from which we get our word English "cosmos" and various other words - cosmic, cosmopolitan, etc.). However, it is not always described as evil. This presentation looks at ways in which the "kosmos" is good.

3. Having a "God-focus" in the World - PDF / JPEG

Our obligation is to have a "God-focus" at all times - even when interacting with the world (both good and evil aspects of it). In this matter, "context" will have a strong influence on whether our focus really honors God!

4. The World as a Temporary Gift - PDF / JPEG

With a God-focus, we can look at this present world (which will someday be destroyed) as a gift from God - even though it is temporary. However, if we have a world-focus, everything becomes ultimately meaningless - because it is temporary.

5. The World as an Opponent and Influencer - PDF / JPEG

Here, our focus is on the sinful world that wants to destroy us. "Following Jesus" involves a rejection of this "world" and a renewing of one's mind (Romans 12:2). If we do this, it will result in having values and a perception of reality that goes against what the world promotes.

6. God's People - Called Out of the World - PDF / JPEG

God has called his people out of the world - its snares, its values, its perspective on reality. We are to be different. Yet we must never forget that we were once part of the world... and that God is the one who made our "escape" possible. (There is no room for boasting, or for arrogance over those who are still part of the world.)

The following three presentations are for the unsaved - though saved people are welcome to look at them!

7. The Unsaved World: About Your Horrible Condition - PDF / JPEG

What the Bible says about the unsaved person's condition - both now and (potentially) in eternity. It is indeed horrible!

8. The Unsaved World: About Your Horrible Insanity - PDF / JPEG

God has offered to take you out of your horrible condition. A refusal to accept his offer (which is what  most unsaved people do) is a horrible insanity!

9. The Unsaved World: About Your Horrible Judgment - PDF / JPEG

There are consequences for our choices. Those who refuse to look to Jesus for salvation from their horrible condition have nothing but a horrible judgment to look forward to.

[After this series of 9 presentations, we started looking at the "Good News" of salvation, which is the only way out of this situation that unsaved people are in.]